Chevron Forever

May 17, 2013

It's a very bittersweet feeling being at the very end of my high school career. Though I was never a Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower, there were certainly moments when I wanted to be done.

Now it feels like yesterday that I was in my first debate round, going to a homecoming dance for the first time, going to my first Old Settlers in Olathe, and now it hasn't quite hit me.

It's scary to think about all that I've accomplished in four years, because though it may not seem like a lot to me it reflects in my work. I have four honor cords for graduation and 2 stoles, which is actually more than ample. I got to stand up at our class day for having a 4.0 (weighted/unweighted) for 7 straight semesters, and not to toot my own horn, but I've accomplished copious amounts, and the fact that it will all be over soon is reassuring and scary all at once.

I'm ready to start anew but not quite. I won't be in the same French class I've been in for four years, with the most amazing teacher ever and the best of friends, I won't have the stability of just going and sitting on a old teachers couch discussing life problems, and I won't be able to run the place Beyoncé style.

I'd like to thank all the friends, family, and faculty that have helped me along the way and shaped me to be who I am. I thought it might be better to be sappy today since I'm feeling it, rather than tomorrow.

 On another note, who doesn't love chevron? It took me awhile to finally overcome it's preppiness, but I am an admirer, for sure. I probably will even buy a chevron bedset from Urban Outfitters for university next year! How do you feel about this dress? My friend Mary Grace lent it to me to wear today since we had mock-graduation. The dress is from Tobi, the bracelets are from Forever 21, and my shoes are Harajuku Lovers. I hope to keep buying more bangles to create bangle sets.! One of my very new obsessions. I am an accessory addict.


  1. Ma chere Sonia, It occurred to me today (not the first time), that I already miss you. You were a fantastic student, certainly, but also a wonderful person who graced my classroom/couch for 4 years. Come back (soon) often! Je t'aime :)

    1. AWH Mme. tu me manques tas de. I will come back eventually, and we will have plenty life talks over the summer. Je t'aime aussi!


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