March 15, 2013

It’s Friday!

Hi y’all! Guess who is finally on Spring Break, this chick! Yesterday I spent the day inside at work,but today I went to see Oz: The Great & Powerful with my best friend Abbey. We also got buy 1 get 1 .99 cent blizzards from Dairy Queen (Strawberry Cheesequake ftw). I loooooved the film. James Franco is not only one of my favourite actors and dream husbands, but the film was incredibly beautiful and better than what reviews had to say. I couldn’t help fawn over Theodora’s characters style (in the beginning) Mila Kunis was perfect, no wonder Urban Decay made a palette for her. There was a scene when James Franco’s character Oz asked Kunis’ to dance, and apparently she had never been asked to dance before, but it was just such a beautiful scene. Can someone steal her hat for me?

It’s super nice outside today with a high of 78 and slight wind! I’m having a really hard time giving up riding boots so I opted for a red pencil skirt, metallic wanna be chambray shirt from Express, grey cardigan, my favourite necklace, bowler hat, Nancy Drew satchel, and riding boots. I am also wearing a lipstick from Sephora called Bewitched.

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