Elements Hair Show

April 22, 2013

Today I participated in an Elements Hair Show! My friend Kortni is a hair student at a Z Hair Academy and I offered to be one of her models for their show.
The elements theme consisted of: earth, fire, wind, and water. My element was wind, specifically resembling storm. My makeup was a lot darker than I anticipated and my inner goth-girl loved every moment. When no black lipstick was found I used my craftiness and used black eyeshadow on top of a pale pink. So much better pigment than a normal black lipstick.  My hair consisted of many wrapped up curls on my head with some teasing, and a wild fish tail running from the back of my hair. The other element Kortni chose was fire which Jessica modeled. Fire is swooped up into a birds nest like hair style with a styrofoam ball keeping the shape and black tipped to resemble smoke. Jessica's makeup consisted of peaches and reds, while rocking a orange lip. I wish I had taken more pictures of the hair and makeup other models had, it was so rad. I felt like I was in a throwback season of America's Next Top Model where they model with funky hair! I also got some goods in the mail such as new BDG Canvas sneakers from Urban, and "S" & "K" initialed gold bracelets.  I wish I could wear hair and makeup like this all the time. Goth girls forever!

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