November Sephora Play Review 2017

December 30, 2017

Hello beautiful people! This past month's Sephora Play box was all about self-care before the holiday season. Well the holiday season came and went, but for me self-care is a daily/weekly thing. From lighting a candle, to buying a coffee, to making time to read 7 pages of a novel a night. I really did appreciate this month's Play Book with a section called, "In Defense of Staying in," with tips on the how to have a perfect night staying in. Nevertheless, this month's products were a good mix of hair, beauty, skincare, and fragrance. Fragrance is usually is my most missed item but it was a hit this month. Keep reading to hear this month's musings.
I've been dying to try this moisturizer and anything from Farmacy's honey line. Usually I don't review until after I photograph, but I was so desperate for moisturizer I had to try it. This is a true light weight moisturizer. When I applied it in the morning and night it was just a little too light.  I like a little heavier moisturizers, but this is a nice moisturizer overall. I think it'd be better for days spent at home or immediately after a shower/bed routine. Wouldn't repurchase, but wouldn't hate another sample.
A review for this guy is on the back burner until I finish my LivingProof one, stay tuned!
To be honest I have tried very little of Philosophy's skincare products. I've tried loads of their body wash/shampoo/bubble bath, but only a half used probably expired Clear Days Ahead from my friend Steph back in 2014. Nevertheless this is a exfoliating clay mask with a lot of grit. It applies completely white, and you can apply it twice a week. I've been trying to cut back on my exfoliating, which has been really hard if I might add, but this mask is nice first thing in the morning! If I do it first it doesn't count right? There's some salicylic acid in this, but I didn't notice it helping my break outs.
Sephora Collection lipsticks are ones that I never can get enough of. Plus how can you ever have too many red lipsticks? This is a beautiful, bright red lipstick. Definitely a classic red, but it is just slightly bright on me. I have always loved the creamy, long wear, and pigmented formulas of Sephora Collection lipsticks. Now that they have updated their lipstick line to the Sephora Collection Lip Stories and lowered the price I have to check them out. Hope they send some minis of those babies out, soon!
Ok I'm going to go out on a limb here. I don't like this mascara. I don't think I've ever said that about any mascara, ever. Partially because mascara is the last thing on my mind when I do makeup. I always wear it yes, but do I care about the brand, no? I have fairly long eyelashes so it just isn't something that really phases me, unless I hate it. Sorry MJ Beauty but I am not a fan of this mascara. Maybe it was the sample, maybe its the brush. Every time I use this my eyelashes look like clump city. I'm usually fine with clumps, but these clumps are unreal. CHUNKY. So bad that when traveling I wished I had another mascara, or my Sonia Kashuk lash comb. Ok, rant over, but for real. This mascara is not for me. Although part of me feels like I shouldn't have done this I tried this mascara with a different brush and it worked better, but just not a fan.
I've never tried Burberry perfumes before but I think I need to buy a full size of this fragrance ASAP. I'm not sure what the deal is *cue Jerry Seinfeld*. It blends harmoniously with the oils of my skin. Surprisingly this is a fruity floral, but I would say the fruity notes are more prominent than the floral notes. This fragrance is composed of pomegranate, rose, and jasmine. It also has hints of lemon, apple, and wisteria. The full size packaging is darling (as is the tester). The next step for me is to try this at Sephora to see if the wear time is the same since it has been a little while.

Photos by BMB Photography

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