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November 15, 2018

I still remember the first time I shopped on eBay. I was sitting in our kitchen trying to solve the mystery of how to get my hair to look like the Avril Lavigne poster I had in my room without bleach and without getting grounded. I remember finding a seller that sold the same color hair extensions I had been looking for and before I knew it, I had the same shade of hair extensions in my shopping cart. A few weeks passed and I was rocking an Avril inspired outfit with my new extensions. Who would've known that eleven years later I would still be shopping religiously on eBay.
I love my eBay tales. Most recently I bought this Baldwin denim skirt on a whim for $12, brand new, and it retailed for $198! Pro tip: sometimes eBay runs site-wide deals, find them all on Raise!
I also bought these Tory Burch boots for $55 originally retailing for $395 and I am OBSESSED with them. I love chelsea boots and now I have a shorter pair compared to the other two I own. Tory Burch boots are such good quality, I am so impressed.
A little off topic but I am really liking the scarf in your hair trend, very Brigitte Bardot. It is a very spring/summery trend but could easily work in the fall or winter with neutrals. I like a half french braid and the scarf. Despite it being basically winter in KC I so LOVE this berry top. Its surprisingly versatile. Goes with shorts, jeans, dress pants, and of course my berry skirt.

On to the juicy stuff. Here are my five tips for using eBay. 

1. Get to know eBay lingo. Sellers sell items NWT (new with tags)/ NIB (new in box),  NWOT (new without tags), EUC (excellent used condition), used (which people always get so weird about), etc. You can bid on eBay auctions or just bite the bullet and buy it now (buying an item immediately). There's also a bid/buy it now format.

2. Get specific with searches. Often sellers list the same product name of an item from the store it was sold from. For example, "Laila Linen Shirtdress" (the original Anthropologie item name) so keep track of the original item's name. You’d be surprised how many results you can get. If you can't remember or find an item's name describe it in detail like, "red shirtdress Anthropologie cotton Gilmore Girls." (This dress is one I have been on the hunt for that Rory wore on the Gilmore Girls revival).

3. Saved searches. Looking for a specific item? You can save searches on eBay for your lusted items and eBay will keep you posted on the app with notifications via the app or email notifications. Super helpful because they only show you the newest items and you don't have to go down the rabbit hole twice.

4. Just like Cher from Clueless said, "Never accept a first offer so I figure these grades are just a jumping off point.” Sometimes sellers are not firm on their prices. Since eBay charges sellers’ fees just to list their items some are ready to just get rid of it and take a loss/break-even/whatever. You can also negotiate shipping if you feel the need. Sometimes I'd rather wait longer and just pay less for shipping.

5. Make sure you do your research before you make a purchase. Especially if you're a new buyer.  Look at a seller's feedback ratings (all time and last 3 months), return policy for items, item's conditions (if photos don't suffice or you feel you need more details for any reason contact the seller), and shipping policies. eBay does have a money back guarantee so if you do feel something is inauthentic or inaccurately described you can fight it and get a full refund. I have only done this once because the item was inaccurately describe.

Also just a personal tip never give any personal payment information over eBay. If you think something is sketchy, go with your gut.

What do you guys think of my shades? I love D&G sunglasses. They are so intricate and beautiful. As we crazily approach the holidays (I still can't believe it) I highly suggest price matching with eBay to see if retailers are cheaper. Many times I find that Amazon is NOT cheaper than eBay sans textbooks and some items you need immediately. Ultimately, I love eBay, but I also shop around.

Aside from school and work keeping me busy I have been shopping for Xmas presents (and a tree!) I hope to be done by Thanksgiving so I can enjoy the holidays without the stress of shopping. I have three more weeks before I am done with my stats class and can finally enjoy being bored. Talk soon!

Wearing: Blouse - J. Crew (sold out, but similar), skirt - Baldwin (sold out, but similar), scarf - J. Crew (sold out, but similar), shoes - Tory Burch, sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana, nails - O.P.I Alpaca My Bags

Photos by my  friend Mallory Taylor.



  1. Thanks so much for the tips! You looks so lovely with this fruit print top.

    Gemma x

  2. Ok I am SO glad you did this post Sonia! I know there are some great pieces on Ebay but I can never seem to find them! You're clearly the queen of Ebay so I'm definitely going to be following your tips! Great idea about saving searches, I didn't even know you could do that!

    Musings & More

  3. Such a cute printed top - it looks so nice with your denim skirt :)

    I used to use ebay a lot, and still buy things now and then but Australian ebay is quite expensive, particularly the shipping costs! So it's hard to find a bargain.

    Hope that you had a great weekend :) We had a quiet and relaxing one here.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. Completely in love with this denim skirt! I need to use eBay more. Thanks for these tips!

  5. I love this look! Your top plus your skirt plus you sunnies plus your nails!!! Love the combination! :)


  6. Thanks so much for the tips! You look so cute!
    xx- Nina

  7. Oh I love eBay cause sometimes you find such good bargains like your skirt, which looks way more expensive than $12! Well done!! That berry blouse is beyond cute, and it seems to be the kind of item that can be worn in many different ways. :)

  8. I really liked that cute berry shirt on you (and sunnies of course too)! I also enjoy eBay xx


  9. You are an eBay pro- you've scored so many killer pieces at a huge discount! I love this skirt on you- especially with those super cool booties!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. I have never shopped at Ebay and after reading your blog, I am going to give it a try. It seems you can get really good bargains. Thanks for sharing!



  11. Nice tips my dear. Skirt and shirt are really nice but I'm in love with your booties!!!
    Have a nice day and don't miss my latest post, now on my blog! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Trattamento Perla Nera di Mavex

  12. I haven't seen a denim maxi skirt in years! Love this one!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  13. Ohh love the long denim skirt! Too cute! And these sunnies are so chic!

  14. really good tips, I love shopping on e-bay too! xx

    Much Love,
    Elegant Duchess xx


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