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January 9, 2020

Last May my friend Macy started her own styling business called Style À La Mode! Equal parts fashion and digital styling. Style À La Mode consists of Macy and her mom Lori. They have a wide range of services that appeal to women in every phase of life such as bridal styling, personal shopping, event/photo shoot styling, and a closet audit. Macy and I go way back to our undergrad days. Interestingly enough we were almost roommates!
While I have found some sort of closet nirvana I have been wanting to work with Macy to do a closet audit. It's always helpful to have a fresh set of eyes look through your closet and find the missed opportunities and gaps. Plus there are always a few pieces I buy on eBay that I am a little hesitant about and could use a second opinion on.
My closet itself is pretty tidy. You might remember this post from 2016 when I first organized my closet using the KonMari method. This method literally changed how I perceive the things I own and how I tidy my closet. My strategy to tidying my closet is pretty simple. I only purchase things I can see myself re-wearing  and enjoy re-wearing(if not I sell them). Additionally, I like to have the things that bring me joy visible. A Sailor Moon backpack I bought at a toy store in New York when I was 11, my vintage Bergdorf Goodman wicker bag, my favorite candle (Twisted Peppermint from Bath & Body Works). I keep my jeans, shorts, and trousers close because I'm always reaching for them. I keep my handbags or my children stuffed in their dustbags in boxes. Boring I know, but that's the best way to care for them.
I keep my dresses/jumpsuits on the top rack of my closet organized by sleeve length and color. The bottom rack is organized in a similar fashion but consists of tank tops, t-shirts, blouses, jackets, skirts, pants, etc. I'm not sure who told me to organize by sleeve length? Maybe Rachel Zoe? Nevertheless, it makes it easier to sift through my closet when I'm not using my Stylebook app.
While I didn't need much help organizing my closet there are times when it'd be great to have another set of eyes to uncover the hidden gems in my closet and find new pairings. Cue Style À La Mode's assistance! For instance, I have been on the fence about this Cupcakes & Cashmere Mercury shift dress for a minute but Macy helped me work through this look.
We paired this dress with these totally under worn Betsey Johnson heels.
Topped off with my boy bag!
Macy also challenged me to restyle my favorite  DVF x Neiman Marcus wrap dress. I pulled out an old pair of SJP Collection heels and a Balmain x H&M clutch. Funny how easy it is to put together a new outfit when you have a stylist around! 
Before I put together my pink suit I had no idea what kind of shapewear to buy for these unlined pants. Surprisingly YouTube wasn't helpful at all?! I sent Macy an IG message and she was so helpful and responsive in regards to what kind of shapewear I needed to make this piece work. 
What I enjoyed most about my closet audit with Macy is that she created a few flat lays for me with my clothes. This was super helpful because I can just log them in my Stylebook app and keep them for times when I want something new to wear for work or life.

I love this pairing! This Molly Ringwald shirt is one of my favorites and this is a super fresh take on it.
I showed Macy some of my Pinterest boards to see what styles I'm currently loving and how we can reuse what's in my closet to get there. To be honest I am trying to buy less in 2020 so I want to get the most out of my wardrobe.
My style is a bit unusual and my closet is my space to ultimately be me and spark joy. While my closet is no where close to MC's in cribs #closetgoals it's great for where I'm at in life right now.
I forgot how fun it was to have a fashion show in your closet. I definitely felt like Carrie Bradshaw cleaning out her closet /having a fashion show in the SATC movie. It's always fun to have someone over and show them your closet/what makes you feel most confident. If you live in the KC metro contact Macy! You can book a consultation to discuss your style goals and closet needs. She also does digital styling and personal shopping. I've also talked her ear off about Stylebook so maybe digitizing your closet is in the cards too?! Oh and  might I add that she also works in digital marketing and can assist with both social media strategy and photo styling!

Well friends there's my first post for the year and now to pig out during KCRW. Tbh all I want is a piece of key lime pie.

Photos by the Midwest Duo


  1. Your wardrobe is so organised! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I had a professional "wardrobe detox" session with a stylist a few years ago, when my eldest was just a baby. I found it really helpful and I do still think of some of the things I was told when shopping! :)

    Hope that you are having a great week :)

    Away From Blue

  2. Nothing like playing with different styles while enjoying company or your friends! Definitely a very SATC moment. Happy 2020 Sonia! xx


  3. This looks so fun, I'm loving the photos. Your style is on point :)

    Anika |

  4. Fashion is an expression of unique creativeness and you have shown this n this post. Love the white dress and bag, really nicely put together.

    Laura xo

  5. How cool for your friend and her mom to start this business! And cool that you worked with them to organize your closet. And I never thought of arranging by sleeve length. I will have to try this!

    Allie of

  6. This sounds like such a fun and helpful service! I cleaned out my closet a while back to only keep pieces I love and match with other pieces but it'd be amazing to have a second set of eyes to help come up with new outfits!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  7. Ahh I love the idea of this! It's something I'd be really interested in doing myself as I feel so helpless with my own wardrobe. I'm just not naturally talented and pulling together outfits, however easy you'd think it would be!

    Musings & More

  8. Lovely post!

    Carina |

  9. I would be so excited to walk into this closet! I can see why it sparks joy Chanel. Such a great idea to take flatlays for outfit inspo too. I recently had a clear out but I need to go through properly again xx

  10. Such a fun way to breathe new life into pieces!

  11. I love how organized your wardrobe is! It can be so motivating to clean out and organize your wardrobe, I always feel so refreshed afterwards xx

    My Lovelier Days

  12. That's so cool that your friend started her own business! Love it!! You must be so proud!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  13. This is such a great idea to get a fresh set of eyes in. Especially when you're already organised, you get so accustomed that you don't notice how much better a space can work for you. And maybe to let go of a few pieces not serving you either!


  14. That sounds like a blast, and Macy's job sounds like the most fun! :) Although I think I could take some tips from you on closet organization. My dresser drawers are also KonMari style, but my closet has accumulated some clutter. Have a great week Sonia!

  15. This is such a great idea to get a fresh set of eyes in. Thank you for share this! 🌺🌸

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  16. I love that handbag, the boy! It's my dream bag for sure xx

  17. OMG, this looks like so much fun! I am in love with that molly ringwald outfit!gahhhhhhhhhhhh, seriously I squaeled over that one a little bit. So, how does it work exactly? Does, she always have to come to your closet? What if your out-of-state? Such an awesome collab post!

    Love, thexglitterbox


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