May Favorites

May 20, 2021

I started May off in my favorite place in the world, New York City, with my extended family who I love and have missed dearly. My time in New York revived me. It opened my eyes. After a difficult talk with one of my close friends I decided I wasn't going to wait for life to get tired to hit back, and that May was going to be a month for change and growth. It goes without saying that being vaccinated and spending time with my vaccinated family members was my favorite thing about late April/early May. However, I wanted to round up some of my favorite things right now. Big shout out to my friend Liz for these first three favorites. They were birthday presents!

OPI Personalized Nail Polish Gift Set

I am pretty sure I gasped when I opened this box because I am an OPI fiend. Also, I have always wanted one of these customized sets. I asked for some OPI classics for my birthday that I oddly don't have in my collection. Bubble Bath, I'm Not Really a Waitress, and Malaga Wine. I am already dreaming of painting my nails in Malaga Wine.

Amalfi del Mar Candle (Exact, similar)

Another highlight from my birthday presents from the Lizard. I want to be cremated with this candle and the packaging. Its just too lovely! The scent is so refreshing too!

Candle wick trimmer

Despite my candle blogger worthy candle collection I've never had a candle wick trimmer. I definitely think these make a difference when it comes to caring for your candles. This gold one is so me!

Sea La Vie Just Be Necklace (Sold out, but similar)

My bonus parents got this necklace for me for my birthday and when I opened it I nearly cried. The packaging for this necklace says, "Like the precious round shells of a sea urchin, you are unique and beautiful just the way you are. Wear this necklace and always know it is ok to just be you." I needed that message. I'm not a big jewelry gal but meaningful dainty pieces are the easiest way into my heart.

KISS imPRESS Press-on Manicure x OPI Collection in Cajun Shrimp

I actually won these from an Instagram giveaway and am super psyched about them. I haven't worn fake nails since maybe 2008 but I'm so excited about these. OPI classic colors was a great direction for them to choose. The nails seem a tad bit small IMO (I have pretty big nail beds) but there are 30 nails total. I was able to find some nails that fit and gave the smaller ones to my best friend. These lasted for a solid week (and probably could've lasted longer if I wanted them to). I was really impressed because I wash my hands a lot, and swam twice with them on. They were a little challenging to take off, but didn't damage my nails luckily!

Besides my May favorites above I've been feeling so optimistic lately. I'm putting 100% into feeling like myself again mentally and physically. Also, some of my favorite people's birthdays have been this month. I'm so grateful to have celebrated with them vaccinated and in person.

Other things that I've been enjoying: One of my close friends moved back to town and it is nice to spend time with them again, J.Cole's the Off Season, Big Sean and his mom have been getting together for Mental Health Awareness Month to talk about mental health on Instagram.  

Photos by Mallory Taylor



  1. What lovely birthday presents! :) Such great news that you're vaccinated too and were able to catch up with vaccinated family :)

    Hope you are having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Hope you had a great birthday! Love that candle!

    Curated By Jennifer

  3. Oh I am so glad you enjoyed your time in NY and I have been fully vaccinated too. I feel like things are starting to get back to normal. The polishes are such fun colors for spring and that candle I soooooo want to get one!!

    Allie of


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