Feburary Favorites

Hello February! Hello friends! Despite this often cold, brutal Kansas weather I'm enjoying it strangely enough. I've been depending on vanilla lattes, lots of layers, Nancy Drew, and Lorelai Gilmore's mindset on "wonderful snow" to get me through this cold February.

 I have a few February favorites to share featuring the phenomenal photography of Emma York Photography as our collaboration continues. Check out our first post in our creative collaboration, here and follow Emma on Instagram here
Vintage Boyfriend Sweater
I cannot get enough of this sweater, truly. Liz bought it for me for $1 from a university clothing sale and although we cheated the dollar grab bags by peeking in most of them, oops, I'm so glad we did. I love everything about this little cropped sweater. The knit, the color, and most of all the story behind it and the lady who bought it for me. Although mine isn't exactly American Eagle's vintage boyfriend sweater it resembles it pretty closely. There are similar sweaters that resemble mine from American Eagle on Poshmark!
Alphabet Earrings 
I found these earrings at H&M and initially was hesitant as I typically don't wear earrings (the last time I wore a pair was my senior prom April 2013). However I loved the aesthetic of these earrings. The gold, the choices, and the price wasn't bad either. I love choosing my initials for the day "SK", or if I'm not having it, I wear "NO". 
Navy Wide Brimmed Hat 
My aunt Indira bought me this hat from Forever 21 a couple summers ago but it still gets plenty of use during February. The navy color is a bit unusual which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Plus the hats wide brim protects me from the snow! Fun fact: I like to approach my hats by the theory, "Would Indiana Jones wear this?" 
Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb
I'm really loving this pigment pencil. This pencil was in my November Sephora Play box. This color is a really sweet and natural shade on me. I tend to wear really dramatic lip colors and this color feels more refined. It's a plum rose but I consider it more of a soft berry nevertheless a very universal shade for all skin tones. I highly suggest this pencil or at least trying a mini if you have extra Beauty Insider points to spend at Sephora.
I'm also loving Nate Berkus (for Target) office supplies and the fact that SUITS SEASON 5 IS BACK. What are some of your current loves?
Always a big round of applause to the amazing Emma York for these photos.

November Sephora Play Review

Hi friends! This post is brought to you by the lovely Emma York Photography as we continue our creative collaboration together. Emma is truly such a blessing really pushing me to put out some of my favorite content yet. Check out our first post in our creative collaboration, here and follow Emma on instagram here! Lets dive in!

I'm sorry my Sephora Play reviews are always so late! They ship around the 18th of each month and I really like to use the products quite a few times before I culminate a review/opinion. However I've been so busy over winter break and I'm still getting into the swings of things as the spring semester commences.
Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil
I don't know much about Josie Maran or argan oil, but I've always admired her packaging. The description of this product is also pretty vague as to what to use the argan oil for suggesting nails, hair, cuticles, and on your skin. This is where the Play Book comes in handy suggesting useful tips about the product and interesting facts about the brand. I had a really awful, terrible, whitehead not too long ago. After popping it there was kind of a puffy acne scar but I put a few drops of this argan oil throughout the week, and after a week the acne scar faded completely! It probably helped that my skin care game is pretty serious, but I really think the argan oil helped. This product is one of the reasons why I adore Sephora Play, I would never have thought of using it until I had it!

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof - 29 My Boyfriend's Jeans
I'm going to be honest here, I'm scared to try this eyeliner. I remember the days in high school where I was really eclectic and purple, electric blue, and hot pink eyeliner were apart of my beauty routine. Now I'm in that stage of life where I have some sort of aversive conditioned response to saying no to colored eyeliner and jeans. I will say that this is eyeliner is pigmented and a cool color, but I honestly have no idea where to start with it. Any suggestions?

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream - Dolly
Interestingly enough I've tried this lip cream before. On a positive note I love the smell of this lip cream it has a strong and sweet cotton candy scent. I love the shine and the fact that it really is a full-on lip cream although gloss is a better word. Now for the negatives. This lip cream is incredible sticky, like maple syrup sticky. If you have crazy long hair like me imagine constantly having to pick your flyways out of your lips, not pleasant whatsoever. I don't like the white/bubblegum pink color to the lip cream either. It reminds me specifically of when Lindsay Lohan's character is applying lip gloss while her character Cady realizes that she's nominated for spring fling queen. Lindsay does no wrong to me though, she can pull off anything. For the semi-normal girls of the world I'd suggest another less-sticky-pigmented lip product. I just honestly hate lip gloss but this is the only one I can really stand despite its flaws.

Make Up Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer - Hydrating Primer
I'm extremely skeptical about most things- NASA, the NSA, Roswell, and watching the X-Files doesn't help either. The one makeup product that makes me super skeptical is primer. I've never really seen its effects or product claims unfold as I have normal skin. However, I really love this primer. I would consider buying the full product. It's a nice smooth and even base that I think helps even out my foundation and use less! I think I like this primer more than Hourglass'

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil - Rhubarb
I knew I was going to love this pencil, and I certainly did. It's lightly pigmented but in a good way, and the color is completely buildable. Sephora says its a plum rose, but I'd say its a softer berry. I've been wearing this shade quite frequently especially when I'm not feeling a bold lip. It's the perfect, simple lipstick.

Stella McCartney Stella
I'm not going to lie, I truly hate floral perfumes. This perfume is primarily comprised of rose, peony, and mandarin. I didn't even spritz any on me but immediately once I sniffed the tester holder I knew wearing this perfume, even trying it, would be completely inauthentic (plus it'd give me a migraine). My Mom loves perfume testers so its nestled on top of a Chloe gift set I bought her. Sorry Stella, but Stella isn't for me.

Overall  a few of these items just were not for me. Nevertheless, the remaining products were all winners. I would definitely consider purchasing a full size Bite Beauty Pencil and Make Up Forever's primer.


Oh My Monet

I recently encountered the enamoring Emma York from Emma York Photography and we joined forces to start a creative collaboration that I am so beyond excited about. Emma is the sweetest little thing with such a fascinating story on how she became a photographer, read about it here
This outfit is full of some of my most favorite pieces. Interestingly enough my favorite pieces are the ones that have a bit of a story.

I've had this leather jacket since my senior year of high school (2012). I got it from Nasty Gal and I specifically remembering ordering it in my grandparents basement in Queens. I'd say its been a pretty good purchase because I wear it almost everyday. My sweater came from a $1 bin from a clothing sale at my university that Liz bought me. My jeans are a pair from J-Crew my Dad bought for me last Christmas while I was on a quest for the "ultimate coated jeans." My chelsea's are my utmost favorite pair I got on sale at Target two Thanksgivings ago. I wish I'd bought another pair.

This beautiful scarf is from my sweet boyfriend's sweet Mom, Carol. She got it for me during her time in Paris and I wear it constantly. Monet's water lily paintings are some of my favorite pieces of art. Carol knows me too well, such a thoughtful gift from Foulards Cravates. I initially was hesitant about how I could incorporate this scarf into my wardrobe but it fit in seamlessly. Plus I feel like a Wes Anderson character when I wear it. Thank you Carol, love you

Emma suggested I try different ways of wearing this silk scarf so I decided on three ways.
First, around the wrist.
The bow
The bandana
Around the wrist in my opinion is the hardest to perfect and pull off, but I like the bow the best! How do you tame your scarves?

Photos c/o the lovely Emma York 
Follow her on Instagram!

Wearing: Leather jacket - Nasty Gal, sweater - American Eagle, jeans - J-Crew, shoes - Target, lipstick - Bite Beauty, scarf - Foulards Cravates (similar)

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