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I've recently been trying to "Marie Kondo" my closet and I suppose parts of my life. If you've never heard of her, Marie Kondo is a famous Japanese organizer whose method is somewhat psychologically revolutionizing organization.  Her method, the KonMarie method is essentially letting go of things that do not bring you joy or things that do not "spark joy." While I think this concept is relatively easy at first it tends to get more complicated. Her organizational method seems to have sparked a controversy as I hear more and more refuting arguments from NPR podcasts and Vogue columnists (this article was particularly fascinating to me as I am a huge fan of Florence Welch).
Letting go of clothes has never been easy to me. After my first summer back from college I stopped using my closet in my Mom's house. It became too much. There were too many fast fashion pieces that didn't resonate with me anymore. My closet felt like it was closing in on me every time I stepped in it. Closet quicksand. It felt like that scene in Sex & the City when Carrie tried on a wedding dress and she had an allergic reaction to it. That's what my closet felt like to me, mentally. I had started preferring to live out of a suitcase rather than hanging up my clothing in a closet that gave me an anxiety attack.

I faced this problem somewhat head on. I thought I'd start selling some of the clothes online using places like Vinted, Bib + Tuck (R.I.P), Poshmark, and now Thred Up. My Mom even offered for me to use a different closet (what a sweet lady), but I knew I had to face it, and clean it out. In 2015 the problem of my overfilled closet hadn't been fixed. Yes a lot of the stuff was gone, a lot of it surprisingly sold, but the space was still unused.
This time I got rid and sold every item I didn't wear to ThredUp. After I packed it all up  new monochromatic hangers were put in. Then I put in some organizational bins from Target into my closet. I was surprised at how easy the clean out was when I got rid of everything that didn't bring me joy (I also hated most of the clothes I still had). Still I had moments where I didn't want to get rid of things I wore from high school thinking there still could be a chance, but I let go. Before I started this clean-out endeavor I had even considered seeing a professional organizer. I'm glad I conquered my fear mongering closet by myself.

ThredUp has recently become one of my favorite online clothing resellers. Over spring break I sent two bags in filled to the brim and was surprised at the amount of money I received from them. It wasn't measly like what you might be offered at a boutique and it was upfront unlike Posh or Vinted where you wait for buyers to come and lowball you. What I love most about ThredUp is that they safely recycle your clothing that is unsellable- very important to me. However I'd like to note that they are now charging to safely recycle using $4.99 out of your earnings.
I bought this Diane Von Furstenberg for Neiman Marcus Wrap Dress with my first earnings! I have recently really started loving wrap dresses. Especially as I try to up my business professional wardrobe before I graduate from college. I have been needing a new business wardrobe as most of my high school business professional wear doesn't fit me anymore and also doesn't fit my style.

I really wanted a DVF wrap dress because they looked comfortable and so effortless. Plus how could I say no to the quirky patterns? I should be honest, I also wanted a DVF wrap dress for my professional and personal life because Lorelai Gilmore wore them so often on season 4 of Gilmore Girls. Lorelai wore a lot of DVF on Gilmore Girls actually! I'm so glad I got this adorable wrap dress. Whenever I wear wrap dresses I always get told I look so "put together" all thanks to you DVF!
I had also been looking for a simple, high quality, black clutch (other than Chanel) that matched with my watch and didn't break the bank. I found this perfect little J. Crew beauty on Poshmark NWT for, wait for it $10 (retailing for $68) and it's silk! It's absolutely perfect, and has a cute navy lining with turtles. I think I love the detail in the clasp, a little blooming bud. J. Crew always gets me.

 I never got a chance to post this Entertainment Weekly all over social media, but the revival of Gilmore Girls is one of the best things to happen to me. When I first heard it was officially, actually coming back I laid on my bed and thought, "My what a time to be alive." I grew up with Gilmore Girls and never tire of it despite seeing every episode at least 7 times. Thanks to the boyfriend for getting me this copy of EW!
So in the end I guess I'm trying to find balance to finding professional and stylish clothes, and keeping my closet organized. I hope I won't have to Marie Kondo my closet again though, for my own sake.

How do you keep your closet organized?

Wearing: Dress - Diane Von Furstenberg for Neiman Marcus (exact), clutch - J. Crew (similar), shoes - Harajuku Lovers (old), watch - MBMJ Baker, nails - OPI Russian Navy, lips - Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

Photos by Alyssa Barletter Photography


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