Forever 21 x Sanrio 2012

November 16, 2012


It’s Here! Forever 21 x Sanrio 2012
First of all everyone, I apologize for the misnomer. I posted Forever 21 x Hello Kitty 2012 in one of my earlier posts, but it’s not that at all. I’ll explain as I continue. When first glancing at this collection quickly I didn’t really like it. I kept scrolling on Liz’s stupid android and wondering why I actually decided to keep track of the days for this lame collection, but I was a little wrong. Really wrong actually. I am definitely accustomed to Forever 21’s past Hello Kitty collections consisting of very chic high fashion pieces. Pieces from the last collection are definitely not as wearable and I didn’t buy much from that collection. My first impression was that I was shocked that all Sanrio characters (for the most part, at least the popular ones) were incorporated into the line. It’s not just Hello Kitty but also, Keroppi, Chococat, and un peu de Badtz-Mary. The collection is also HUGE. There’s everything from full H2T (head to toe) outfits, Christmas gifts, beddings, and accessories! I am in love with all the pillows they included! How cute! It only makes sense to expand the collection so that it could fit Christmas demands.
I posted my favourite pieces from the collection (clearly) I also posted the most versatile and wearable pieces. Personally I have trouble buying basic pieces because I consider myself more of a super trendy person that my flaw caught up with me. I highly suggest buying more wearable pieces and that’s what I posted. I am a sucker for cardigans, and these are a little more than basic cardigans. With bright neons and a little Commes des garcons ish enigmas of Hello Kitty and Chococat, these look like they could work in all seasons. (Less or more in winter) I also am in love with the pretzel necklace. At first glance it reminded me of a designer named Onch who was on Paris Hilton’s my New BFF first season and turns out he made them! He was super talented and presh which only reflects in the necklace, itself.
Overall what I think I’ll end up buying is the scarf, and the matching blouse! Since I wear a lot of black it probably will be the best, and I can wear the blouse a lot.!
Liz, if you’re out there? Buy me these for Christmas


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