Falling Back in Love with UO Pt. 1

May 4, 2013

Lately I've been falling back in love with Urban Outfitters. I took a hiatus from shopping there a few years ago because I wanted to try to save some money and I was spending way too much. I always use to scour their sale section finding nothing, but the other day I was in forensics class and decided to check it out. THERE WAS A HUGE VARIETY OF GOOD LOOKING CLOTHES FOR ONCE! In particular I've been keeping my eye out for new shoes because most of my heels/wedges are worn down.

 I saw these rad Deena & Ozzy shoes (love D&O). I liked the plastic looking toe cover and black is always good. I always like buying shoes that are versatile. For the most part the reviews were good, and as soon as I could picture a Rachel Zoe approving outfit, I also found two lounge worthy perfect-for-college v-necks in crimson and dark green for 9.99 each, these shoes for 29.99, and a scholarship interview worthy pencil skirt for a whopping 1.99 WHAT (which indeed I needed to get free shipping). The only unfortunate thing about buying shoes online is that even though reviews may say things, shoes still may not fit. When I tried these shoes on there was more room in the back than my size 9 elephant feet could handle. Sadly, I will be sending them back, but luckily UO gives free returns. Oh well!

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