June 15, 2013

I promise that there has been a good reason as to why I have been M.I.A. for the past few days! The Bath & Body Works semi annual sale, more shopping, and working of course. If you like me on Facebook I posted a preview shot of what I've been upto.
My friend Helen has been busy editing my pictures meticulously, and I am beyond ecstatic to show y'all. Helen is an increeeeddiblee photographer, and she's only 15! Seriously? You need to follow her on Instagram @spinelessdreamer, and for sure like her on Facebook. We shot the other evening at this gorgeous creek an OOTD/glamour shot. I had to share one of my favourite looks for summer. Tank + high waisted shorts + Vans + statement necklace = Happy Chanel. I am the biggest Lakers fan which is ironic because I am from NYC, and I live in KC, but the Knicks just don't get me the way Kobe and Meeks do. I am wearing a Lakers tank top from XXI, thrifted high waisted shorts, Deena & Ozzy holographic clutch (not pictured) from UO. Go Spurs! Who said I couldn't love Texas too? Helen's photos are awesome, and I cannot wait to share more as the summer goes on. Thanks again Helen!

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