I Bought a Pair of Uggs

February 8, 2019

Hello friends! I am finally back on the blog! This post is one I truly never saw coming. When I think of Uggs it's hard not to just think of the Simple Life. I think my mind started changing when I saw Rachel Zoe style Uggs back in 2015. If one person can change my mind its certainly her. I first saw this style of Uggs in the library during my undergrad. A student was wearing them  (very stylishly I might add) and my mind started turning. The quintessential question as always where do I get these?

To be completely honest finding this style of Uggs was a challenge. I'm pretty sure they stopped making this pair and replaced them with the Tasman Slipper. They weren't even at the Ugg outlet in Alexandria! The only place that had them was Nordstrom Rack. It took months for my size to come back in stock, but it was worth the wait. I really like this pair. They're warm and comfy and silly. I tend to wear these when its snowy/slippery. I sold my pair of rain boots recently so I really needed a pair of shoes for the slicker days.
Overall I do feel like I was slightly missing out on the Ugg bandwagon. These shoes are so comfortable.  Plus they're fun to style! I'm always up for a challenge. 
So I brought something new to wear with something old. One of my most favorite looks captured on the blog and IRL. I actually wore this outfit twice in the past month because it just makes me feel so happy. You might remember this post. There's just something about wearing a $2 sweater that your best friend found you and your favorite scarf that can change your whole day.

I had been wanting to visit the Wild Way's Winter Warehouse in East Crossroads for some time now. I finally made it out to the warehouse and wow it's so stinking cute! They have the best seasonal menus. Still mourning the loss of their S'mores latte, but I did try their Oh Snap Ginger Latte. It was delightful. They even make their syrups in house which is pretty neat!
My hair dresser cut 4 in. off my hair back in January but I 'm pretty sure its already grown back! 
So here I am in 2019 wearing Uggs. Never thought it would happen but I am! In other news I have been re-watching Gilmore Girls Day in the Life aside, drinking too much coffee, and writing long papers about business ethics. It has been freezing in Kansas City. It was 0 degrees the other day, but my co-worker and I still made it out to Starbucks haha. This cold can't keep me down. Talk soon beautiful people.

Wearing: Sweater - American Eagle (old, but similar), scarf -  Foulards Cravates (similar), jeans - Urban Outfitters, shoes - Nordstrom Rack

A huge round of applause to KKelso Photography and KTLockyear Photo for taking these photos. These girls are so talented, give them a follow!



  1. Uggs make such cute and cosy slippers, these look great for winter! :)

    I love the scarf with the knit top too, such a great way to add some colour

    Hope that you are having a great week and have a nice weekend ahead of you :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Those Uggs look so cozy! I'm adding them to my wishlist now!
    Love how you styled the scarf and sweater,
    Julia x

  3. so so cute ones- I have one pair of UGGs too xx

  4. I can only imagine how comfy and warm these Uggs are! So cute!




  5. I'm not into full size Uggs but I love the idea of Ugg slippers xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  6. I don't know if anyone can change my mind about Uggs unfortunately, but you do look cute in them! At the most I think
    I would only wear them indoors, but maybe someday!


  7. When I think of Uggs, I always think of the boots! I genuinely didn't even know other objects existed but you know what, I actually really like these - they look SO comfy! Also - is it bad I've never seen Gilmore Girls!?

    Musings & More

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  9. I like this version of Uggs, the ones that go above your ankle I'm less keen on as they seem to get tatty really quickly but these are cute and I love how you have styled them! xx


  10. he Ugg is unique in the level of comfort it offers to the wearer, and devotees like me of Uggs will maintain tenaciously that Uggs are the most comfortable boot on planet
    Paradigm Capital Management

  11. These look so nice and cozy! Have a great week.

    Gemma x

  12. I totally wore Uggs ALL THE TIME in college, lol. Still wear 'em around the house- but now that they're back in style I might have to break 'em out more!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. You look so cute <3
    Great Post… and a Happy Valentine’s day 🙂 ❤


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